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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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before the crash. fan fires continue to burn across california. as the latest on the evacuation to. and of the warriors' home is on the basketball world by this is the bay area's news station. a kron4 news that six thirds now. >>: good morning to you i'm darya falls of three winters are too often with an update on bay area weather and traffic. hoping for a cool down. and most of us will get it. today would generally be cooler. but still with its being in the '90s is one to fill hot anyway you cut it. if this is a live look outside of the early inland out there. here are the head wind today as we look to the
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weekend we are expecting a dramatic cool down. more on that to come and are for look at the forecast. at center. and james is looking at the commute. in this report to reach even north of more land. in terror of a line to see if peace is reported an accident that is saved several vehicles as many as four may be involved in this crash and their concern is that it is blocking both of the southbound lanes and highway 1013 it is our first report to reach will be getting more details. this could be offered hot spot of the morning. of them of thousands of homes ejaculated. will run nuclear power plant stilly speculative. there is the latest video coming man.
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alas where 23,000 evacuations. damaged and very stressful. a lot of thick loans of smoke. the winds don't make it any easier. hoss and now weather has only contributed to the spread of the fires. djegal these amazing pictures. there in the middle of midterms right now and was supposed to have rejoiced as among his this week at the
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school remains closed. closer to the bay area and of a fast-moving fire, stand back to his intense and accounting. most of the evacuation is not lifted. there were 1200 homes and businesses under evacuation. >>: fire danger here in the bay area is on the rise because we've been dealing with a near record temperatures. that has led park officials to take action to prevent wild fires. if kron4's will tran shows us why how now. half of >>will: good morning. i'm at alum rock hotel room park and san jose to you can see the signs behind me to read i went to the website they could see its) now. if you cannot know what or ride your bicycle because of the fear of the fire that could happen over here extremely dry. we talked about the key
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to work and that's why one over here). apparently there are certain homes beyond this place if you live beyond here. you're about to come here. but if you want to come here if it is not available to you. already we've seen a couple of cars. even though it doesn't open. some people get very little bit earlier. a couple will live and write down the road when they saw the sign. and they say we support this grid of who we understand in the homes are so close 3 it's tough london said it will take a detour. if you're thinking about coming down to this place today is not available to you drink will find of is this is going to be the case tomorrow especially with to keep going down and bogut treat but right now it's off limits for everybody. >>: thanks a lot of >>: and in developing story we're following with a big rig crashing into this on
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the scene as kron4's like delta and what we are waiting on is a has meant a contract to causing everyone of about 150 gal. of diesel fuel from the truck before the can told a truck away. it is totally destroyed after it crashed into the side of so often sent home early this morning with sparked a fires and the flames shooting 20 ft. in the air. securities cellphone zedillo from all parties this morning when authorities it just before 1:00 if the driver was heading westbound on market street for some reason lost control of crossing over the center median twice before crashing into the federal home. the driver and passenger got out quickly and were taken to hospital or unfortunately without life-threatening injuries. " we have fuel flowing down market street was burning a thrift with fire extending
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the trailer of the vehicle through half says
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a crash in petaluma at petaluma boulevard south. indications quan. perhaps both of ballantyne of a southbound ride. to your ultimate rule would be to use a local bar installed instead of the freeway and duke reconnect with the accident just out of its location. >>: thanks george. at the top stories on kron4 dot, is 4 year-old girl was badly hurt reached to his head and
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the head with a crowbar. " the 18 year-old mom and we showed it pitcher of his more on the award website whether it does happen overnight deal one has been shut off or it will have more details of what happened in kron4 dot com three more than 100,000 people and have up with on this story loses a little boy and bakersfield that catches off a gonzaga than drabs and avoid down. hugh did him so hard. when the team thinks he is the good guys for the warriors' head coach and why did he not sign with an experienced
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female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ to the kron4 morning news was good bay area weather and traffic. james fletcher with 80 cool down update. saddam our camera looking down. where yesterday and was awfully long as you all
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on tariffs temperatures getting up birds of 92 degrees and some parts of downtown have enough that it was too hot for some. somebody got into this roadways sign and the city's main to hot creek to of use of design it's ok. mark spot in this on his way and to work permit on van ness and broadway and was it what is it a shot to treat us like about temperatures. the two- time to get out there and do anything like exercise. " futurecast 4 at 9:00 shows
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70 degree weather bay area wide through the still cooler at the coast. by no time the widespread '80s. if saddam by 3 this afternoon we will expect widespread 90s " and this out of it through to the only relief will be out of goes with temperatures below the up to the mid-70s. the rich areas of what a satellite and radar. of high pressure is still employed and east and south of dallas are going to sell the effects of that skill is for one more day. when temperatures of the week looks good 3 the 70 degree weather. the term website kron4 dot com. that gives you access to all that information anytime you want. mountain traffic is
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already been cleared cause.
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have you heard the surprising shocking news that rocked the nba. the warriors won the bidding war east and the new york knicks. their necks have been dumped by steve kerr. they've been courting him for months and the warriors brand and ride out of the
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broadcasting booth from t and t. where to their bench. he gets five years and $25 million the warriors snapped him up. i expected him to be in new york eating cheesecake but now he's coming to the golden state warriors 3 >>: the new york knicks 3 the next actually does one to four years. steve kerr won a five-year is the same amount of years if the phil jackson received. and it just seemed like he had to fight just to get to on that team like that might have been a cellmates. pskov she
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still could that i am. newt and the jersey gov. chris chris is a washington d.c. today for a fiscal summit to bring policy makers and financial leaders together to talk about fiscal challenges and economic policy. during the question and answer. christie's take on the future take a back seat as far as the impact on my political future i think it will have done because i did not do anything. so i understand a certain that this becomes his 61% of the vote and the blues date in
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november and that all of sudden taking what stranded around the web this morning. brace yourselves because of a smash hit to slap a bird mobile game is coming back to the apps corporate the creator don went says he tweet to the game and added a multi player level. the land made headlines and this february when he abruptly announced he was the leading the no. 1 mobile sam of the world. it's expected to make its debut and at story yet again in august. >>: good morning. starting today you can text in 9113 there's a lot of details you
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um...hi georgia. i just wanted to apologize again for what happenedoww, that's hot.picnic. that is hot! wow daddy like. owww, that is smoking hot! ahhh, hmmm, awww! hi georgia. hey georgia. man this is hot! try jack's hottest sandwich yet. his new blazin' chicken sandwich has spicy crispy chicken, ghost pepper ranch sauce, and sliced jalapeños. owww, that's hot! you better be holdin' a sandwich. now for the offer to report with gabe slate. s found a bud that sell wireless good starting today the big four carriers are implementing their new text 911
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servicemen's which is something that the carriers have been working on for years but this is very important. unfortunately the counties in the bay area are not ready for this. >>: here's an example of what a text 911 what look like on the computer screen of the 911 operator who handles it. after someone text crime on with their emergency operator what takes them back with instructions or question. if it's a great idea. obviously we are in areas where text messages will go through what a phone call will not permit that because text requires a lot less signal to go through three of the carriers have committed to supporting 911 testing and their service area that doesn't mean that ought to the text but for 911 these call centers are under the jurisdiction of their local state and county is not the fcc which governs the character of the fcc was left of the counties that
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are ready and not one of bay area county or city is up and running. but as you can see here. there are lots of other states and cities that ever did for this trip are right out if he takes 911 from here. you get this down to that image tell you to call on 113 so spread the word grid of worry that teams will hear about this and think that the text 911 when they can't in the bay area. gabe slate kron4 news 3 still ahead on the kron4 morning news 3 what in the wild fires that are burning and southern california right now 3 there's a live press conference this morning. stop also giving you the very latest of the radio icon casey case some. and the team coverage of the heat when now and while third or fourth day of this extreme heat and is not done
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come back to the kron4 morning news opening bell on wall street tree to keep it a close eye on of markets and to the dow fell 100.3 and out futures down 40. a disappointing earnings from of the world's largest retailer wal-mart's. futures down 40 ahead of opening bell latest this morning carried live in the weather center with shame and a sign capture rainfall a lot.
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mountain view and 90 degrees which was broken all records in 2008. that brought the old record from 1967. as it was big and not nearly as warm will bring down those numbers coming down in a bit. futurecast were walking through the day " will now on the traffic george go morning. what >>george: already tracking hot spots. in the north bay already in states where the three and have a moderate one the land as open were appalled when to have been blocked for petaluma about boulevard. this incident involved in several vehicles were definitely of
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looking at a slow start to the corridor that and the bay bridge and early in the back up and this morning is a hot spot. , already is a lot from the hat for why not do for our 580. the wild fires as of california are getting worse. off
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nine wild fire spreading throughout the california. soft wheat 21,000 die commission notices have been sent out to people live in san marcos and now the california state university says marcos campus has been evacuated so that affects about 10,000 students in the middle of finals a week. but greta mission is planned for this weekend. more helicopters and air tankers are drawn in the fire fight. today.
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happening now swap did in live look from a year city
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where dedication ceremony will be held at the nine and 11 memorial. and in 1998 will follow the lead as we read them in new this morning radio legend the casey case, is found. in washington state to 3 it just days after his reported missing by his daughter. the 82 year-old located buy shares that it is just a few hours after his children had filed the missing persons reports, three exactly where he was found remains a mystery. caissons family have to worry that his wife took him out of the country. they're concerned about his safety and health and it went on the media appealing to find him. offs and in the south bay officials are accusing a casino matrix of hiding millions of dollars in profits and are being in order to avoid paying up of donations to communities. they're now calling to revoke the casinos will
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permit if they do not pay when was owed. we know the tens of millions of dollars are being sold our positions and i want to assure they pay up and if they don't we should shut them down three soph off ice
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as 41 a quick traffic check out our hot spot and north bay street settlement also abound. should they managed to get on land all that. when some of the complete traffic check coming up. , will >>darya: with a pedestrian and san francisco and the hospital with serious injuries this morning after being hit by a car. if the accident happened around 9:00 last night when lawton street. the person taken to san francisco general or the police are still trying to " find out what led up to the crash. >>: at this point we don't know. there was not crosswalk. he was struck by a vehicle. the driver on scene he is cooperating. life in bay area weather here and across up for weather center a live look
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outside our walnut creek for and with another long one. but there is relief from other parts of the bay area three will break down and did so coming up.
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female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. we are continuing our team coverage of the wild father and southern california. this is a live look coming into san marcos. that has been a big concern and criticism one of nine fires that have been burning in southern california and san diego
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county. they're really concerned about how hot it is going to be period of a much different problem that we do of the we share the same amount of heat. which join us. it is, out there. nice and cool. at 59 degrees concord at 57 when 49 there. the lead the 49 fills pretty good. yesterday it got pretty hot. some folks are just and in the cold weather as long as we can have it. it will last for probably the first half of the morning creek the trick as for we have the clocks and that nine or three and add the point where already calling for
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widespread '70s and then by lunch time you see '80s and the need parts of a period when what is our feeling the heat those 80s and 90s. we could see a lot 90s. across the east bay. here are the numbers grid to again look. low 90s. we may squeak out a lot 90s here there. downtown's san francisco 79 will look for big '70s along the peninsula coastline. bay area wide. saturday sunday looks especially mild 3 it's looks like for sunday. 72 are handling type. pence of forecast. some problems. to our web site to the forget. kron4 dot com a great website. when and if you're
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on the go are kron4 mobile app. it's free >>: tracking has got one was out about a petaluma but a far. it's as you drive the area of three or two petaluma boulevard exits north and south reefs and the accident occurred here at petaluma south thrift but there's a second accident that just occurred. which is where you'd want to get off the freeway. the delays persisted here than they did manage to get one of the two lanes open as both initially were blocked. let's take a look at another hot spot that your bay bridge ride westbound solidly backed up. for 26 on a minute drive times for the westbound rind and 92 still looks good
6:48 am
in the next half-hour to 45 minutes if this could change as well. and if you're heading to or from iran county here's your ride on the the golden gate bridge. if at all looks good still with light traffic in both directions northbound and southbound. 12 >>:, finally some good news with commanders the price of gasoline going down. lee has an 6¢ on average over california. and spreads and a decline in gas prices sent to go this time of year as refineries will toward producing. hoss to
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volunteers nor also killed. but investigators found since >>: also today the head of veterans affairs was a hot gas oil workers in oakland holding rallies to bring attention to corporate greed and what they call and come a quality of the workers and to expose what they call widespread wage have to off
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the one to demand change and as global day of action and brief the first action is going to be in the east oakland and that has then another event is planned in may impacting you if you go to a fast food restaurant. alleging along and that the dinosaur has been discovered pence rise of america has been found the new dinosaur researchers said the dinosaurs that is about 30 ft. long grid which is actually some moderate the average line of those dinosaurs usually 66 ft. long. coming up in the kron4 morning news a giant python. you have to see the picture
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of this to believe it here it but it is live look outside of the san mateo bridge you can see here traffic is nice and light to read plenty of sunshine as we are still talking about how hot things are. when some of president are beating the bay area heat by is on me at a blessed people. dog: what's this? mattress discounters' what's this? mattress discounters' memorial day sale ending? but mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one "roof." comforpedic, icomfort, optimum, and wow, four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. the memorial day sale is ending soon.
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and back we continue to follow the devastating wildfires in southern california. a live pictures coming end. this is in san diego thrift 780 a. zero containment with three homes are destroyed terisa and governor brown declaring a state of emergency to rid their nine wild fires within
6:55 am
9,000 a. burning three what the largest thousands of people have been evaluated. >>: taking a look at what trending round lead to rich is a video that's gone 5 procreant and can say is a little boy from a vicious dog attack 34 year-old jeremy was on his bike on tuesday morning when a neighbor's dog lunch and for the boy it blocked a drive times across the lawn 3 it's the catch comes on the dog had skidded live in no way to the jury had to get a few stitches but otherwise he's in pretty good shape. that amounts as the dog escaped from the gate and the dog is expected to be unionized. that cat has a lot of courage. it looks like the dog is a lot bigger than hundred--4 year-old. c
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um...hi georgia. i just wanted to apologize again for what happenedoww, that's hot.picnic. that is hot! wow daddy like. owww, that is smoking hot! ahhh, hmmm, awww! hi georgia. hey georgia. man this is hot! try jack's hottest sandwich yet. his new blazin' chicken sandwich has spicy crispy chicken, ghost pepper ranch sauce, and sliced jalapeños. owww, that's hot! you better be holdin' a sandwich. an undertaking a live look at the big rig truck and
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then crashes into a sentence is to get at home and can aspire. if coming up here from a one-man is designed a building at the time in the crash. a state of emergency in an ominous san diego county has a lot fires burn out of controlled areas is very hot and interest to read so hot and then, that send francisco is closed. and this is the dismal as a kron4 news that seven starts now. hot, are the marty i'm darya fulsome